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Soap-To-Go™ (10 PACK - 200 PCS)
Soap-To-Go™ (10 PACK - 200 PCS)
Soap-To-Go™ (10 PACK - 200 PCS)
Soap-To-Go™ (10 PACK - 200 PCS)

Soap-To-Go™ (10 PACK - 200 PCS)

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Did you know ... Washing your hands is THE most effective way to eliminate viruses?
Soap To-Go™ lets you wash your hands nearly anywhere you go!
This is the best way to protect you and family during these difficult times.

They're simple, compact and convenient!

Each pack comes with 20 thin sheets of soap, each enough for 1 handwash!


  • SAFE ON SKIN: The disinfecting soap can help eliminate bacteria on your hands, Soap-To-Go™ is gentle on the skin so you can use it without turning your skin dry.
  • CONVENIENT: Whether you are at home or in an outdoor mall, you'd want to be able to wash your hands thoroughly. With the Soap-To-Go™ disinfecting soap sheets, you can! Also perfect for travel and outdoors!
  • NO MESS: No more settling with just wiping your hands or washing them with just water. Wash your hands thoroughly anywhere you go with Soap-To-Go™
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Soap-To-Go™ sheets come with their own pack that fits right in your bag or pocket! Keep them in your purse or in your car so you have soap ready at all times!

Package Includes: 

  • Product material: Plastic shell + Soap Papers
  • Colour: Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple (Colour will be picked by random)
  • Quantity: 10x Soap-To-Go™ Packs (200 pcs)
  • Weight: 15g/pack